Hi, my name is Michael D. Henderson. I work as a freelance illustrator under the name Michael David H. as there are 142 million results for Michael Henderson, according to Google, including one very famous American bassist, and none of them is me, hence the pseudonym, which allows me to stand out from the crowd. I came from a large family and now have a large family myself, six kids altogether, with the two youngest being four and two. We call Montgomery County in Pennsylvania home.

I specialise in children's illustration and am primarily a picture book illustrator. I have a degree in education, spent over 16 years working within the educational system in New York spending a couple of those years as a math teacher with toddlers to young adults before I embraced my creative itch. As a self-taught artist, taking words and ideas and creating appealing visual stories excite me, and I'm always seeking new opportunities. Whether it be self-publishers or traditional publishers, if someone has a good story, I want to hear from them. From spot illustrations to double-page spreads, from children's magazines to 24-page board books, I've got you covered.
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